Certified Builders

Buildzone builders are Certified Builders

We belong to the Certified Builders Association – www.certified.co.nz.

5 reasons to choose a Certified Builder

1. The most qualified builders in the industry

If you are a Certified Builder it means you are totally committed to quality and craftsmanship. To start with all Certified Builders begin their careers by obtaining a professional trade qualification, learning the right way, the first time from a trade qualified craftsman.

All Buildzone builders are certified with the Certified Builders Association.

2. One of the most comprehensive independent guarantees there is

Yes, we’ve said it before, but it really is true. It’s a big deal to build a new house or take on a renovation and we understand that it means a lot to you. That’s why we’ve taken a lot of the stress away with one of the best building guarantees in the business.

The reason we can offer such a guarantee is also worth noting. Buildzone and all Certified Builders in the association have been scrutinized and approved for their abilities to deliver excellent workmanship.

Our Homefirst Builders Guarantee includes all of the following features:

  • loss of deposit
  • build completion
  • non-structural defects (up to 2yrs)
  • structural defects (up to 10yrs)
  • weather tightness (up to 10yrs)
  • accommodation, removal & storage allowance
  • underwritten by a New Zealand insurer that is licensed and regulated by the Reserve Bank

3. Tailor made buildings

We believe a house isn’t a home unless it reflects your personality and embraces your lifestyle. Every one of us is an individual with different tastes and needs, so why should our houses be any different. If you want vanilla and the same as your next-door neighbour we suggest one of the off-the-shelf solutions from one of the many building companies. However, if you want your house to be extra special then using Buildzone, Certified Builders is the right option.

4. Maximise your return on your investment

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, such as clever use of space, cavity sliders, or coloured concrete. There are many possibilities and they don’t always mean added cost. Buildzone being Certified Builders can guide you through where to invest to maximize the value of your property.

5. Work direct with the builder

No salesmen, no middlemen. A direct relationship with Buildzone gives you the best advice when you need it most.

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